Meet Our Esteemed Leadership Team

Our Operations Are Backed by Years of Experience & Knowledge

Our senior staff have mastered the art of balancing customer needs within their area of expertise. From logistics to distribution to IT, we have the knowledge and experience to get your products through the correct channels and ensure profitable returns.

Our senior team is made up of:

  • Michael Beler, President & CEO (BHI): Founder and president with over three decades of experience in Canadian wholesale and retail management, including the duty-free operation of every major airport in Canada.


  • Cassandra Cassar, Senior VP (BCBS): With a degree in Business Operations, and her entire career encompassing both operations and software support, this has enabled her to balance technical expertise with practical functionality. Some specific areas of experience includes program design related to transportation, warehousing, custom brokerage, accounting, IT functions, and EDI set up.


  • Cheryl Rebello, VP Customs Brokerage (BILSI): Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) and licensed customs broker. She had her start in customs about 20 years ago on the bonded warehouse side of the business, and since been importing for all kinds of businesses and commodities.


  • Debbie Ruscitti, VP Customs Brokerage & Regulatory (BILSI Logistics Corp.): Licensed customs broker and CCS with over three decades of US Customs brokerage experience.


  • Marcella Burlon, Director of Finance (BILSI): Manages regional operational metrics with over 20 years of experience in all areas of finance.


  • Christian Talens, Director of IT (BILSI): Leads the software development team by balancing technical solutions with business objectives.


  • Alexandria DeBellis, VP Sales & Marketing (DFX): Has over 30 years of experience in both the duty-free, domestic cosmetics and fragrance markets in purchasing and senior management.


  • Andrew Eastwood, VP Sales & Marketing (BBM): Introduced some of the most sought-after beauty brands in Canada and has over 25 years of sales experience.

We look forward to helping you get through the distribution channels from start to finish. You can rest assured that our team will treat your business with the respect and responsibility that we have become known for. Contact us today at (905) 569-1277 to discuss how our experience can benefit your business.

Why Beler Holdings Inc?

  • Over Three Decades of Experience
  • Distribution, Freight Management, Ecommerce & Order Fulfillment
  • Cross-Border Shipping & Logistics Services

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