Beler Cross Border Services

Beler Cross-Border Services Inc.

Proudly Partnered with North American Transportation Companies

Beler Cross Border Services Inc. (BCBS) provides full-service, cross-border solutions for companies looking to expand across the United States and Canadian borders. We are a technology-based pillar of our Mississauga location and focus on leveraging expertise in the area of Canadian and United States customs to develop eManifest software to better serve your transportation requirements. BCBS is the youngest business under BHI, only founded in 2016, but already has agreements with five carriers in the United States and one in Canada, as well as one rail company.

BCBS offers many services, such as:

  • Full EDI communications
  • ACI with CBSA
  • ACE with CBP
  • Obtaining broker’s acceptance and release (RNS) from CBSA

Headed by Senior VP Cassandra Cassar, who has over 20 years of experience in software support and design as well as the operational proficiency of warehousing and customs brokerage, BCBS aims to balance technology with functionality. To learn more about our technical operations and services, contact us today at (905) 569-1277.

Why Beler Holdings Inc?

  • Over Three Decades of Experience
  • Distribution, Freight Management, Ecommerce & Order Fulfillment
  • Cross-Border Shipping & Logistics Services

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