BILSI Logistics Corp

BILSI Logistics Corp

Offering a Vast Array of Services

In 2011, we launched BILSI Logistics Corp based in Chicago to emulate BILSI and offer the same services in the US that BILSI offers in Canada.

BILSI Logistics Corp ensures the fastest possible clearance of shipments for importers, regardless of when, or where, they arrive into the United States. Our in depth knowledge of industry requirements facilitates your business trade flow.

Some of the many services that BILSI offers include:

  • US customs clearance
  • E-commerce integrated logistics solutions
  • Freight management and forwarding
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Small parcel solutions, competitive shipping rates, zone skipping, and consolidated shipping services.

Shipping into the United States from anywhere in the world does not need to be complicated. BILSI Logistics Corp works with the client to manage the requirements for shipping between countries so the client can focus on their business. All staff are Certified Customs Specialists (CCS). To find out how our logistics services can benefit your business, contact us at (630) 948-0276.

Why Beler Holdings Inc?

  • Over Three Decades of Experience
  • Distribution, Freight Management, Ecommerce & Order Fulfillment
  • Cross-Border Shipping & Logistics Services

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